6 Tips On Giving The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever


Figure out your partners Valentine’s Day love language and take it from there.

Whether you are just starting to date someone special, in a committed relationship or have already walked down the aisle, Valentine’s Day can seem a bit daunting. The amount of hype around making this single day perfect is enough to make even the most romantic of us a bit skittish. As the founder of Joy of Romance, Inc., I’m here to guide you to a happy ending, in six easy steps, when it comes to choosing the most perfect gift for your Valentine.

1) Don’t Procrastinate 
First step, don’t wait till the last minute. To do this right it will take a little creativity. Usually the more thought you give to creating or choosing the gift, the better the outcome. However, there are some creative geniuses out there who may be able to pull off some romantic miracles with little or no time; especially if they take the following five steps to heart. For the rest of us, it’s best to start thinking about it and begin doing some investigative work

5 Finance Tips for the Holidays

Black Friday is the beginning of the shopping frenzy and if you’re one of the millions of Americans expected to hit the stores this Friday, Jim Wang shares some great money saving tips you don’t want to miss this holiday season.

With the holiday season fast approaching, it is common to ramp up the spending. While many people enjoy the holidays, it can also be stressful, since holiday spending can put increased strain on your finances.

Holiday Savings
Holiday Savings

Before things really get underway with your holiday spending, consider some of the impacts that this time of year might have on your pocketbook.  Here are 5 finance tips to help you counteract them this holiday season:

1.  Make a List

One of the best things you can do in any financial situation is to make a list. Look ahead to what you will actually buy. From presents to decorations to special foods, consider your potential purchases. Make a list – and then stick to it.

It can be very easy to buy on impulse during the holiday season. If you want to limit your impulse spending, a list can be a great

Valentine’s Day Tips for Men

roses and chocolatesStumped on what to to do for your wife or girlfriend for Valentine’s Day? Use these frugal ideas to show her how much you love her this Valentine’s Day. This is a guide about Valentine’s Day tips for men.

In the soul of every woman, there is the desire for her man to do something wonderful and unexpected for Valentine’s Day. Every woman wants romance and something magical for this special day so here are some quick tips on how to make this the best Valentine’s Day ever. First, if you don’t know what she would like, ask her mother! Moms always know the best ways to please their daughters. Ask her best friends. Now if that gets you nowhere, refer to this article.

  • She would love two hours to herself to do what ever she would like to do with you, but without the kids.
  • She would love it if you helped the kids bake a cake or cupcakes and treated her like the queen she is. Decorate with chocolate hearts.
  • She would love to have you draw her bath, with candles and bubble bath and a CD of romantic music and

Enjoy Your Time in Brussels

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Stunning and Elegant Amsterdam Escort Girls

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10 Signs He Misses You

Guys don’t speak much, they won’t actually say I miss you. But if you are clever, you will spot these signs he misses you right away! There are so many signs that reveal if a guy is missing you, but you have to pay attention to little details. Everything counts when it comes to understanding men behaviour. They say that we are complicated and they are simple. Guess what. That ‘aint true in every single case. There are a lot of men who are afraid to open up and express their feelings. That leaves you with the tricky job of decoding the signs he misses you.

Men can also be very proud. Confessing that they are missing you is some what accepting defeat. That they cannot live without you. This is a very strong experience for men and most of them cannot handle opening up like this. But if they really love you, they won’t be able to hide their feelings for much longer. These signs he misses you are a simple and easy guide to give you all the hints you need to find out without doubt.

Signs He Misses You: No.1

He asks you to send him pictures of you. No silly, we don’t mean inappropriate

How to make a long distance relationship work

Most long distance relationships fail because of the overall negative perception of each partner in it. Don’t fall into this trap, because there is no rule of thumb that says it’s going to end anytime soon. You have to maintain a positive attitude that you can make it. If you find this hard to believe, you are probably looking for hard evidence. You are probably googling how to make a long distance relationship work and you found this article. That means that you really care about your relationship and you want some concrete advice on how to make it work.

We understand your fears, it’s OK to feel like that. Most people are afraid that the love is going to fade away if they don’t see each other too often. Fight this fear and get real advice from the long distance relationship experts. Here’s the best tips on how to make it work!

Long distance relationship advice

1. Define the type of your relationship. It might be the most awkward conversation you will ever have, but you have to do it. Try to understand if you want exclusivity (are we going to date other people?), are going to describe it as serious or

Top Ten Tips for Establishing Relationships with the Media

Notorious cases with high media interest can be assigned to any judge in any court. Judges who need immediate help navigating calls from reporters, bloggers in their courtroom, or news cameras at their home have a new resource at their fingertips. The National Judicial College has just released High Media Interest Cases: A Self-Study Online Course. This brand-new self-study course for judges is designed to be completed in one to two hours and may be completed at any time, day or night.

Below, we offer some tips for judges who are creating relationships with the media. Both journalists and judges have unique, important roles to play. When each respects and understands each other’s role, the public benefits. This list offers just a glimpse of the information included in the course.

  1. Encourage and establish continuing interdisciplinary educational opportunities and dialogue among judges, journalists and lawyers to foster an understanding of each other’s roles through journalism schools, law schools, and The National Judicial College.
  2. Assume there is access to all court proceedings and records and place the burden of proof for closure on the entity seeking secrecy. Privacy issues may overcome the presumption in appropriate cases.
  3. Refrain from imposing gag orders on the news media or

Love Versus Infatuation

Finally, you have met him or her. You know what I mean, the one. All your life, or so it seems, you have been waiting for the person who made your heart pound, made the stars bright, and taken over all reasonable thought processes with ideas of making love on every beach from here to Tahiti.

You have a weird expression on your face, food suddenly seems like a mere inconvenience and sleep is just something you used to do. Your friends tease you about being in love. Your mother WARNS you about being in love.

Of course, you’re not stupid. You’ve been around (more than Mom knows about), and you have spent time in meditation/therapy having explored your own needs in the world. You want a soul mate but this guy/gal is just so sexy that it’s hard to imagine introducing him/her to your parents at all.

Going Public

So, things are going well and you are looking toward the next step, becoming an item. Going public. Everyone knows and invites you as a couple. People you know speculate about the future of your relationship. But the future means forever when it comes to commitment, so how do you know if this is

5 Valentine’s Day Tips for Wayward Lovers

How can you be a better Valentine this year? Read and share our tips for all you “wayward lovers.”

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means store shelves are already filling with sweet treats and goodies for your special someone. But while you’re poring over the details of that romantic evening, be sure to consider all that’s behind the special day… from the origin of that fancy chocolate bar to the gold necklace you saved up for.

Tip #1: KISS – “Keep it simple, stupid”

The classics are there for a reason. You can’t go wrong with chocolate and wine. Show your creative side by making a customized Fairtrade chocolate bar through Chocomize. Choose your chocolate, add your toppings, and have it delivered right to your door. You can even add pictures and text! It’s the perfect way to do good this Valentine’s Day while surprising your partner with something sweet. And don’t forget to pair your chocolate with Fairtrade wine – check out Fairtrade America’s wine list here.

Tip #2: Glitter: the ultimate symbol of commitment

Homemade cards are best, and everyone could use a little DIY time. Having handmade nearly 50 Christmas cards this year, I would recommend using

14 Ways to Spend Less Money on Valentine’s Day

If you’re rolling your eyes at the fact that you have to loosen your wallet once again so soon after Christmas, you’re not alone. Because while Valentine’s Day is an excellent excuse to concentrate on reconnecting with our significant others, it’s also a day that we’ve come to dread because of the anticipated cost of expressing such love.

This year, however, you don’t have to be a slave to the dollar sign if you’re willing to put in a bit of thoughtfulness, creativity and time. Check out these 14 ways to celebrate your better half without going broke — then add your own low-cost ideas in the comments below.

1. Skip the Restaurant — Prepare a Home-Cooked Meal

My husband once tried to take me to dinner on Valentine’s Day without a reservation. That’s all I’ll say about the situation since I’m pretty sure you can figure out how it went down after that. To avoid being frustrated and annoyed on Two-Fourteen, we now skip dining out altogether and opt to make a homemade meal instead — but one decidedly more fancy than an ordinary night’s dinner.

If you’re not exactly a whiz in the kitchen, don’t fret just yet. There are plenty of

Holiday Money Tips for Couples

The holiday season is fast upon us.  Just as it’s easy to overeat during the holidays, it’s easy to overspend, especially if you buy on credit. People spend about 15 percent more on purchases paid with a credit card.

To help you through the holiday rush and keep your spirits bright, here are seven tips to make the most of your money, and save taxes to boot – now there’s a real gift!

1. Make a gift-giving budget and stick to it. Here is a fact to help you keep things in perspective. The annual budget of the United Nations is $4.89 billion, less than one third of last year’s Toys’R’Us revenue. Isn’t it time to get sane about holiday spending?

2. Decorate on the cheap. Instead of splurging on holiday knickknacks, use your ingenuity. Bundle pine boughs to capture the scent of the holidays, or buy wide velvet ribbon and tie bows on everything from doorknobs and banisters to candlesticks.

3. Give from the heart and hearth. Happy memories come these special times, not from spending a lot of money at holiday time.  Bake bread, knit a scarf or make a personalized scrapbook. A handmade gift or baked goods tells the recipient you

Long-Distance Valentine’s Day

Whether you prefer going to a five-star restaurant or eating Chinese takeout in front of the TV together, Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with your sweetie. But what if you’re miles — or even an ocean — apart? Other than choosing to celebrate your day of love at a later date, you can still show some far-flung affection, whether you’re traveling on business, trucking cross-country, actively deployed on military service, or otherwise disengaged. Here are 10 ideas for ways to express just how much you care — even when there’s no way you can be there with the one you love.

1. Have a digital wake-up date

You can’t have breakfast in bed with your honey, but he or she can still wake up to the sound of your voice or see your smiling face on the morning of February 14th. Simply ring up your honey with a hotel-worthy wake-up call, email a Valentine’s e-card, post a message on his or her Facebook wall, write a blog post just for your beloved, or send a direct message on Twitter. Or, do some combination of the above to show that your feelings are always online, even

Seven Happy Holiday Money Tips

As we get ready to share Thanksgiving with our families, we may overindulge on our eating, but Ginita Wall shares seven great tips to keep you from overspending if you hit the stores over the Holidays.

I’ve been saving up for the holidays. Not money – I’ve been watching my waistline so I’ll be able to overindulge myself without guilt (with so many cookies to eat, I don’t know where to start).

As for finances, I’ll keep my holiday budget in check as best I can, but just as it’s easy to overeat during the holidays, it’s easy to overspend, especially if you buy on credit.

People spend about 15% more on purchases they pay for with a credit card than when they shell out cold cash or use a debit card that subtracts the purchase immediately from their bank balance.

To help you through the holiday rush and keep your spirits bright, here are seven tips to make the most of your money, and save on your taxes to boot – now there’s a real gift!

1. Make a gift-giving budget and stick to it

You don’t have to be a Scrooge to save money. Join with others to purchase big gifts, or give a

Game Rules: 7 Hand Rummy

Every time my family gets together for Thanksgiving or Christmas, we all look forward to AFTER the meal. It is at this time we play 7 Hand Rummy, a card game that has been a part of these holidays for us since before I was born. This game has made these family events meaningful. Everyone gets to munch, talk, and have a good time together.

Here Is How You Play:

Seven Hand Rummy is best played with 4 decks of cards (with Jokers) for up to 8 players. If you have more players, add a deck. For 10 or more players, add another deck and so on.

The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards and accumulate as few points as possible. Points are acquired for any cards held in the hand when someone goes out. 5 points for card 2 through 7, 10 points for card 8 through the King, 15 points for an Ace (which can be played as a one or a top card above a king) and 20 points for jokers.

Deal out 11 cards to each player. Put a stack to draw from in the center and when everyone is ready, turn one

Long-Distance Boyfriend Gift Ideas


When you are in a long-distance relationship, gifts are a way to stay in touch and reinforce the strength of your connection even across the miles. Your thoughtful gifts can remind your boyfriend of how happy the two of you are together.

Favorite Photo Sketch

If you are skilled at drawing, use your artistic talents to sketch a photo of you and your boyfriend together. Because you aren’t able to see each other on a daily basis, the sketch will remind him of you each time he looks at it. Use a thick, sturdy piece of paper, mount the sketch on a matte and frame it. On the back, add a quote about love that is just for him; each time he looks at the drawing, he will think of the words on the back. If you are not skilled at drawing, you can achieve a similar effect by changing your photo into a sketch representation using photo-editing software.

A New Tool for Talking

In a long-distance relationship, you are likely to spend a good deal of time talking on the phone with your boyfriend. When you are looking for a more expensive gift, find the latest phone

A Valentine’s Day Guide to Fresh Cut Roses

When it comes to flowers and holidays, Poinsettias have Christmas and lilies own Easter. On Valentine’s Day, however, few people would argue with the fact that long-stemmed roses reign supreme. Women adore getting them and men enjoy giving them. That probably explains why an estimated 189 million roses are produced for Valentine’s Day in 2006. If you’re planning to give your sweetheart (friend, relative, boss, etc.) fresh cut roses this Valentine’s Day, here’s what need to know about buying them and keeping them fresh.

Red Is Still The Rage

Since the baby-rose boom of the 1990’s, roses are now available in more colors, sizes and with greater fragrance than ever before. According to the Society of American Florists, red roses still remain the favorite color choice for Valentines Day-especially among men. Classic red has expanded to a color palette that includes everything from bright raspberry red to a deep burgundy. Roses in other colors are also continuing to gain in popularity. Among a group of women surveyed, 62% stated that hues such as yellow, pink, peach and white were preferred as much as red. For those with more eclectic tastes, lavender and orange are other popular choices.

The Significance of Color

At the

Surprise Your Significant Other This Valentine’s Day

Nobody ever said that Valentine’s Day gifts have to be limited to the typical box of chocolates or flowers. While there is nothing wrong with those presents, have you considered giving a gift that carries a powerful message on personal finances?

Valentine’s Day could be the perfect occasion to give your significant other the gift of savings and investing to help improve their personal finances.

So how do you turn the unsexy idea of saving and investments into a Valentine’s Day gift?

  • Give Savings Bonds.  Savings bonds can be purchased as gifts for your Valentine and many purchasers save for their children’s education.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day, you can turn tax time into savings and giving time by using a portion of your tax refund to buy U.S. Savings bonds.

Sold in denominations of as little as $50, Series I bonds, the type available for purchase through TurboTax, are available to every taxpayer who receives at least $50 in tax refunds. You can use a portion of your tax refund to buy bonds for your loved one and have the remainder deposited into a bank account or pre-paid debit card.

  • Gift shares. Websites like www.oneshare.com allow you to acquire shares from a company

Valentine’s Cake Pops

Recipe: Red Velvet Cake Pops

Red velvet cake pops are so yummy and will be a big hit at any party!


  • red velvet cake mix
  • 1 cup store bought cream cheese frosting
  • white chocolate candy coating (baking aisle of grocery store)
  • 2 Tbsp. of shortening
  • chocolate jimmy sprinkles
  • 50-60 lollipop sticks
  • piece of Styrofoam (to hold the cake pops as they dry)


Bake the cake in a 9×13 inch pan following the directions on the box.

Let the cake cool. Once it has cooled crumble the cake into fine little pieces in a large bowl.

Next mix in about 1 cup of your cream cheese frosting until the cake is moist and sticking together.

Next you can begin rolling lots of cake balls! You should get about 50 cake pops, but it depends on the size you roll the balls into. Once I had all of my balls rolled, I put them into airtight containers and in the refrigerator.

I finished the second half of the process the next day and left mine in the refrigerator overnight. However, you only need to leave them in the refrigerator until they are chilled or in the freezer if you’re in a hurry. This will help

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Paper Plate Valentine Card Holder

Use paper plates, various types of paper, and a scrap piece of ribbon to create cute holders for Valentine’s Day cards. A quick, easy and inexpensive craft for kids.

Approximate Time:


  • 2 paper plates
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • hole punch (optional)
  • various types of paper or fabric
  • glue stick
  • ribbon scrap


    1. Cut one paper plate in half.
    2. Invert the plate on top of a full size plate.
    3. Use stapler to staple the two halves together along the bottom.
    1. Cut out different sizes of hearts from construction paper, doilies, scrapbook paper, or fabric.
    2. Use a glue stick to apply the hearts.
    3. Use a hole punch (or scissors) to create a small hole at the top of the holder. Using a scrap piece of ribbon, slip both ends through the hole from the back and knot the two ends together to create a hanger.

CD Valentine

This is a great craft where you can recycle and get the children involved also. Kids love to create and they will be proud to give grandparents or even a teacher this card!

Approximate Time: approx. 2 hrs.


  • CD or DVD with case
  • construction paper
  • photo of child
  • double back tape and foam double back tape
  • finished hearts paper that child drew
  • ribbon-optional


    1. The case I used had a see thru plastic sheet on

10 tips for a fun — but frugal — Valentine’s Day

These tips can help you dream up an approach to this year’s celebration that is both meaningful and economical.

  1. Get creative when it comes to dinner. You really don’t have to spend $85 to $250 on a romantic dinner at a restaurant. Why not have a nice candlelit dinner at home? You could even get all dressed up for it. If you know you’re going to be too tired to cook after work on Valentine’s Day, which falls on a Thursday this year, order a special meal ahead of time and pick it up on your way home.
  2. Enjoy a little ambiance. If you both really want to go out on the town together, you could have coffee or a drink and dessert at an expensive café, restaurant or romantic bistro. This is a way to savor the atmosphere — and your date — without emptying your wallet.
  3. Play hooky. OK, do NOT follow this tip if your job or your partner’s job is hanging in the balance. But if you’ve racked up some vacation time, or if your employer allows you to take personal days from time to time, why not see if you can take Friday, Feb. 12